• Out of town

    Posted on July 9, 2014 by in Travel Tips


    As we have completely entered summer, many of us go on vacation to spend some time with our family. We  have a few tips to help keep your house protected while your out enjoying family time!


    • Set a timer to turn exterior and interior lights on and off when you normally would, or use a mobile app to control lights remotely.
    • Stop your mail and newspaper deliveries.
    • Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home and, if necessary, bring your recycling and garbage cans to and from the curb on pickup day.
    • Hide and/or lock up valuables, like jewelry. 
    • Inform your security system provider and local police of your travel dates, so they can take extra steps to protect your home, if necessary. 
    • Don’t share your travel plans on social media sites.

    Preventive to-do’s: 
    • Turn off the water supply to your washing machine, sinks and toilets, or consider installing a system that will shut off water where it detects a leak.
    • Unplug electronics and appliances, or use a mobile app to control appliances remotely.

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