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    Posted on September 21, 2014 by in Helpful tips

    fixer guySeptember brings a new school year for the kids, and just think, the joys of fall are right around the corner! It’s time to take care of any outdoor maintenance before the colder months arrive. 

    Have you checked those air conditioning filters? You should examine them once a month, because clogged filters slow the air flow and can cause uneven air flow as well as higher bills. If you have to change your filters, you may want to write down the size of the filter and carry it with you – this makes it easier to remember when you are in the hardware or home supply store. If you have the kind of filters that need to be washed, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and mark it on your calendar so you don’t forget.

    Did you know a GFCI just might save your life? Don’t forget to test the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) in your home. These are the electrical outlets with test and reset buttons, usually found in “wet” areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, outside, and in the garage. GFCIs are like any electronic device – voltage surges from lightning or utility switching can take their toll on them. Underwriters Laboratories recommends checking them once a month – just press the test button to be sure the circuit trips. Then press the reset button to return the service.

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