• Spruce up the house!

    Posted on May 28, 2014 by in Tips for Buying, Tips for selling



    Summer is right around the corner, so before it starts heating up and people are out and about more often; how about a few tips from us on how to add some curb appeal to your house (that is if it is need).

    These projects can be knocked out in a week or two depending on the person’s schedule!

    If you have a plain door add a splash of color to make your house different from the neighbors around you, make sure it complements the color of your house!

    If your house does not already have the house number on it look for numbers in moderns fonts such as stainless steel or aluminum. These can usually be found at any home improvement store, The Home Depot, Lowes, or ACE.

    Pick new light fixtures that are fashionable and also functional. Light fixtures need to be used to light up your entryway so you can feel safe well approaching your house at night.

    Add some color with some flowers! Fresh potted plants on your front steps or porch will add color and life to an exterior that might be dull. Make sure to check that they are seasonal flowers for a garden that will look great all year.

    Get a manicure… for your lawn. Get rid of those pesky weeds, edge the lawn and try a nice fertilizer to get a fresh green lawn. Scotts weed and feed works great!

    Use a Pressure washer, or use the strongest setting on your garden house to get rid of debris and dirt from your sidewalk as well as siding. Be sure to be careful around windows and doorways to as caulk and other sealants can be removed by the pressure washer.

    Use a garden house to make your windows as clean as the Windex commercials. After they are wet sponge them down with vinegar diluted in warm water to protect those plants you just planted!

    Add mulch or bark dust to flower bed to really spruce things up. Make sure to trim trees and pull weeds around the flower bed. If you have annuals make sure to change the winter ones out with summer ones!

    These may seem a bit time consuming but each time you pull up to your house you will be happy you took the time to do it! Your neighbors might be thankful too!



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