• New Year’s Plans

    Posted on December 22, 2013 by in Tips for Buying, Tips for selling

    As we welcome in the New Year, everyone seems to have new goals to reach and lots of plan making. There are many things that happen at the end of each year, fun parties, time spent with the family, as well as a  look back at all of the wonderful things that happened throughout the year. Although, there is a dark side of the end of the year as well…procrastination.

    As the next few weeks pass by we will come to the realization that there are some things that we do not want to complete. These things could be a huge impact in ensuring that we are setting ourselves up to have a productive and fruitful year that is in front of us.   

    Three Ideas that might want to be considered and may want to act upon, that is id you are willing to? We got them right here for you! These three ideas will help you finish out the year with a feeling of completion as well as relief!


    •  Before we make future plans, make time to reflect on this past year. Consider how we have done in the past year; be open and honest with this.
    • Reconsider the long-term. This may mean to many of you that you would review your Business Vision.  It has been a wildly volatile year for so many people and making the time to step back and reconsider where we are heading could be very refreshing, and it could ensure that you are still pointed in the direction you mean to go.
    • Make a simple plan for the following year. Do not end the year without some version of a plan that you can use.

    Ending the year this way is huge. Procrastinating things until next year is also very common.
    End this year feeling accomplished!  From the famous words of Thomas Jefferson: “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

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