• Memorial Day

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    Memorial Day


    Eagle and American Flag

    Memorial Day is right around the corner, the date is May 26th, 2014. There are many things to do this weekend; and while many people enjoy barbeques, a day at the park or the pool. We must remember what the meaning behind Memorial Day is… it is a day to honor those who died in active military service are remembered as well as those who are serving.  Houston National Cemetery will be holding a ceremony May 26 at 9:30 a.m. the address is 10410 Veterans Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77038. If there is a child at the house who has a makeup day do to the icy weather this past winter and you can take them to the ceremony on Monday there is a Parade Saturday May 24th; that will begin at 2:00 p.m. on Lamar East of LaBranch, it will proceed west on Lamar, South on LaBranch, West on Polk, North on Austin, East on Lamar and concludes on Lamar just East of LaBranch. Staging and disbanding at Discovery Green on the Brown Promenade. Please note that it is NOT a Memorial Day parade it is a Carnival Houston Show and Parade, but if there is family in town it might be something fun to do during the weekend.  On Pinterest there is all kinds of fun festive things to do with the family. We found 10 things to do to celebrate Memorial Day:

    1. Use your phone to call to call a veteran or the family of a veteran that you may know. Let them know you appreciate them for what they have done for you as well as our country.
    2. Tweet our troops use the hashtag #wearegrateful it will be printed out on a postcard and distributed to our troops worldwide.
    3. If you know someone who is currently serving write them a letter or send an email, If you have a younger child have them draw a picture of the flag.
    4. Show the USA some respect and your pride by flying the flag.
    5. As we listed above attend a parade or ceremony that pays tribute to veterans.
    6. Make cookies for a veteran, there are many retirement facilities that have veterans living there.
    7. Pray for the families who have lost a child, a spouse, or a parent(s) in order to protect our rights and freedom. The grieving does not stop.
    8. If you are the owner of a business offer a discount to veterans.
    9. If you are near a family who is currently serving offer to do some yard work for them if they accept plant some new flowers or repaint their fence.
    10. Although sometime we don’t know what to say or do fumbled words or messed up gifts show the gratitude of our hearts and they will see that you are thinking of them and are grateful for all that they do!

    We may have off work and school but we still need to be aware that people who are serving don’t always get breaks or holiday vacations let’s take some time to be thankful for all they do. Here at Walt Temple Properties we hope you have a safe and wonderful time this Monday!

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