• How to Carve a Turkey

    Posted on November 16, 2017 by in Tips for selling

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    Follow this guide for the best practices for carving a turkey or chicken. We recommend using a good set of quality knives for this task.


    1. With the breast-side facing you, firmly press down on the wings until you hear a “pop”.
    2. Slice between the joint, to cut any remaining connective tissue and skin. Repeat on second side.
    3. Remove the two leg sections by slicing through the skin where the leg and breast meet.
    4. Push down on both leg and thigh sections until you hear a “pop”. Slice through any remaining skin and connective tissue.
    5. Slice through bottom of the breast until you reach the wishbone.
    6. Begin making thin slices along the outside of the breast until you reach the keel bone.
    7. Separate the leg and thigh by slicing right down the center until you reach the joint in the center. Slice through any remaining connective tissue.
    8. To slice the thighs, remove the bone that runs through the center, and cut thin slices.
    9. Carve the legs by slicing all cartilage and tissue on all sides, hold the bone-out end, stand the leg firm on your board and carve off the remaining meat. Repeat with the second leg.
    10. Your platter is now ready for the table, serve and ENJOY!

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