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    Most buyers feel considerable pride in becoming a homeowner, but they also recognize that ownership includes many new responsibilities. To keep your home looking and performing its best, here are several of the most important jobs to remember.

     Safety First

    Prevent accidents or injury by regularly checking these systems:

    Test fire extinguisher

    Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors each spring and fall

    Check the auto-reverse safety feature on your garage door

    Make sure your dryer vent is exhausting properly

    Avoid Serious Water Damage

    You’ll prevent substantial problems if you heed these warnings:

    • Make sure your sump pump is working and seriously consider installing a battery back-up system
    • Keep gutters and downspouts clean
    • Make sure rain water flows away from the house
    • Clean out any debris in window wells (and consider adding covers)
    • Check for any small leaks by toilets, dishwashers, under sinks, etc.
    • Ensure your roof is leak-proof by checking the attic for signs of water damage

     Keep it Clean

    Occasional “deep cleaning” prevents dirt and grime from accumulating, keeping your home in tip-top shape. In addition to ongoing cleaning chores, don’t forget to periodically:

    • Clean (degrease) your range-hood filter
    • Clean and brighten tile and grout
    • Wash walls and windows
    • Wipe down baseboard molding, as well as trim surrounding doors and windows
    • Deep-clean basements and garages at least annually

     Energy Efficiency

    You’ll reduce your power bill and keep appliances running longer if you:

    • Change (or clean) furnace filters each month
    • Vacuum the coils on your refrigerator twice a year
    • Seal any drafty windows or doors


    While the weather is nice:

    • Check for damage (cracks in the foundation, peeling paint, etc.) and make necessary repairs
    • Winterize air conditioning systems (in cold climates) and cover outdoor units
    • Fill any cracks in a blacktop driveway and reseal each fall

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